Pilates, Suspension & GYROTONIC® Teacher Training at CORE


Comprehensive, high-quality movement education
that sets you up to build a successful career 


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Share the practice you love
Help others grow in wellness
Build a meaningful career

Learn the art of teaching and the skills you need to grow a career you'll love


Are you ready to make a positive impact on the health and wellness of others and build your career in movement training?

CORE programs offer teacher training plus the support you need to build your credibility and career.


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Comprehensive, top-notch training
On-going support for career development
Small group practical experience
Classical Pilates
CORE Suspension

A Strong Foundation


Each program starts with preparatory training course. You’ll increase both your knowledge and skills with a focus on building your personal practice. Deepening your practice broadens your understanding of the discipline and prepares you to be an effective, successful teacher.

All of our programs include virtual, in-person, and on-demand training as well as access to coaching with our expert teacher trainers.

Training Plus Career Preparation


With CORE Movement Education you gain access to high-quality teacher training in a small cohort that includes regular feedback on your progress. A low teacher-student ratio provides opportunities for in-depth learning with master teachers.

In addition to training in your modality, we lay the groundwork for building your career. You’ll learn how to teach group classes, structure your schedule, develop a clientele and build income. You’ll also gain access to trainee support masterminds and a private Facebook group.

Continued Learning & Support


One of our most important missions is to encourage movement teachers to commit to a lifelong pursuit of continuing education.

On-going professional development programs ensure everyone can continue growing in their knowledge and skills and stay up to date on all movement methods. We offer a variety of ways to enhance your skills as a professional with multi-modality courses, workshops and teacher support programming delivered via online platforms.

Training That Fits Your Lifestyle & Goals


You need a training program that fits your busy lifestyle and sets you up for success in your new career.

At CORE Movement Education we’re all deeply experienced movement teachers so we understand the path you are on. We know it can be a challenge to transition into something new so we’ve created our program features with your lifestyle and longterm goals in mind.

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Your Path To A Rewarding Career

1. Prepare

Establish a strong foundational understanding of the work in your own body. Confidence in your personal practice will make you a more focused and effective teacher.

2. Train

Take a deep, comprehensive dive into the principles and theories behind the work. Learn how to impact people’s lives with healthy movement that’s appropriate for their bodies.

3. Build

Enjoy a meaningful career sharing a practice you love. Continue to deepen and expand your understanding and skill set through coaching and continuing education.

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Our Movement Training Programs


We provide high-quality education in three disciplines to enhance your career and your credentials: Pilates, the Gyrotonic Expansion System, and CORE Suspension, our proprietary approach to using Redcord apparatus.

Whether you’re a beginner, a seasoned teacher or enthusiast, we offer multiple expert training programs to help build and expand your knowledge and skills in movement education.

We are a host site for Pilates teacher training programs run by The Pilates Center (TPC). TPC has the longest running teacher training program in the US.

Classical Pilates
CORE Suspension

Train with highly-experienced
instructors actively working in the movement profession


Each CORE master trainer is an accomplished and distinguished career teacher with more than 20 years of teaching experience.

We have dedicated many years to training aspiring teachers and built word-of-mouth reputations that keep our books full.

Under the guidance of a master trainer you’ll learn how to grow and nurture a motivated clientele and build a reputable practice.

Learn with a longtime teacher and entrepreneur who knows both how to teach movement and how to build a business.

 Jessica Gowen

VP Performance Development at Activcore/ Pilates Instructor & Teacher Trainer / Gyrotonic Instructor & Master Trainer / Licensed Teacher Trainer for The Pilates Center (TPC)

Gyrotonic Instructor & Master Trainer

Jessica’s mind-body wellness journey began in Washington, DC, in 1998, where she took Pilates at Excel Movement Studios while working as a reporter and editor at a policy-oriented publishing firm. After swimming competitively from the age of four, Jessica suffered spinal and sternal fractures in a 10 meter platform diving accident while training for her collegiate swim team. The injury ended her swimming career and ultimately led her to Pilates as she attempted to heal her own body. After experiencing the method's transformational effects, she left the policy world to teach Classical Pilates. 

While at Excel, she studied with Rachel Taylor Segel and Amy Taylor Alpers at an early PMA conference. She was immediately drawn to their unique approach to teaching classical Pilates with an authentic voice and a deep understanding of functional movement and ideokinesis. She began to travel to their studio, The Pilates Center (TPC), in Boulder, CO. In 2012, Jessica bridged through TPC’s Advanced Teacher Training Program and became an advisor for TPC Trainees in the southeast. 

‍Jessica discovered the Gyrotonic Expansion System in 2004. She loved how it complemented her Pilates training and challenged her to reexamine all she knew about movement – both as practitioner and teacher – with a new lens. She has completed certifications in Gyrotonic teaching, GYROKINESIS® teaching, all of the specialized Gyrotonic equipment and Paul Horvath’s post-rehabilitation work for the pelvic and shoulder girdles and scoliosis . She was certified in both systems by the method's creator, Juliu Horvath. She is also an Authorized Gyrotonic Expansion System Pre-Trainer and a Master Trainer.

‍Jessica believes continuing education is crucial to every Pilates and Gyrotonic Instructor’s growth. She has taken hundreds of hours of continuing education courses around the country, covering a spectrum of subject matter including working with post-rehab clients experiencing back and shoulder pain, refining her use of voice and touch, teaching Pilates to pregnant and postpartum women, modifying exercises for those with osteoporosis, and challenging elite athletes with the Gyrotonic Method.

‍In addition to her journey as a movement teacher and trainer of teachers, Jessica is also a passionate entrepreneur. She founded CORE in 2006 to create her ideal wellness environment: a positive, friendly, team of experts that attracts outstanding instructors while providing exceptional client care. Over the years, she also implemented teacher training programs in Pilates, Gyrotonic, and Core Suspension. In 2020, she moved CORE’s operations online due to COVID.

In 2021, Jessica and her CORE team joined forces with Activcore, a national leader in blending Physical Therapy and Performance, to further develop professionally as an industry leader in the Atlanta area, and to grow the company’s online performance offerings on a national scale. The merger led to CORE Movement Education becoming a stand-alone teacher training practice led by Jessica. Activcore serves as a host site for CORE Movement Education’s teacher training programs.

‍Jessica is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Allegheny College, where she earned a B.A. in Political Science in 1997. She holds a Master of Public Management degree from the School of Public Policy at the University of Maryland at College Park. A Decatur native, she lives in Ormewood Park with her family. 

Your investment in teacher training will ultimately benefit others,
but it should also benefit you.

With the time and money you invest in a training program, you should be
on track to teach at a reputable studio and build a successful career.

CORE Movement Education is the comprehensive, high-quality movement
training program that sets you up to build a career you’ll love.
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